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With "Food Experts" cooking has never been made easier. Our marination and food mix options add a natural, appetizing, and distinctive flavor to your cooking. For a crunchy chicken, try our chicken breading mix and for an authentic Italian experience, add our Italian marinade to your pasta! Take your food to another level, indulge your taste buds, and enjoy your meal.

About: High end chocolate with unique flavors and designs specifically created for your sweet tooth craving. We at Cow Caw offer a variety of gourmet chocolate flavors. Our boxes and trays of chocolate can be customized for special events or ordered for your personal pleasure. With our chocolate you can never go wrong!

Honey free from any preservatives, artificial flavors and synthetic food color? We’ve got it. Shahad Honey provides spoons of natural flower honey. Strengthen your immune system without the hassle of opening a sticky honey jar! Take our ready spoons of honey where ever you go and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

The first instant Arab coffee that won the ISO prize. Kif Al Mosafer Arabic coffee combines the authenticity of the past and the speedy lifestyle of the present, to introduce an instant coffee made from the highest quality coffee beans.  Kif Al Mosafer is the glory of genuine Arab hospitality, only made instantly.

The original and classic taste of Arabic coffee only made instant! Rooted in a rich culture, our Arabic coffee mixes are created from the finest quality coffee beans and ingredients so you can experience the true traditional taste of Arabic coffee whenever and wherever you want. Have a sip, close your eyes, and enjoy the journey into tradition.

A best-selling tea across the Gulf region. Ancient in its ingredients, unique in its flavor, and distinguished in its preparation, our karak tea premixes come in a variety of options to satisfy all tastes and desires. Whether it is sweetened or unsweetened, all flavors can be prepared in less than a minute! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your warm cup of karak tea. 100% Natural Instant Premix Karak Tea

Inspired by the Italian island known for coffee, Capri offers Nespresso capsules with a variety of beverage options. The Nespresso capsules are specifically designed for the Capri Nespresso Machine, owned by the Kuwaiti company “San Ramon” and distributed by many companies in the Gulf region. If you’re looking for a machine, capsules, and the original Italian taste? Capri is the answer.

Imported from Riyadh for people with fine taste, Finjan Al Arab is a premium Arabic instant coffee free of preservatives. To offer the genuine traditional experience, it comes in one flavor only: the classic Arabic coffee. Enjoy authenticity and happiness with a cup of instant coffee.

Food hacks uses a unique blend of oils in its non-stick cooking spray to makes all types of cooking, baking, and even grilling easier. Our varieties include extra virgin olive oil spray, truffle flavored extra virgin oil spray, and saffron spray. Made from 100% natural ingredients, our cooking sprays help you cook a healthier and tastier meal with less grease!